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Simpsons Solicitors have a team of dedicated and experienced employment lawyers.
We assist  in resolving employment disputes and have been continuously successful in winning compensation for victims. Our aim is to improve the quality of working life by ensuring you know what your rights are.
The government has brought in a historical change to the tribunal system in July 2013. If you now wish to enter a claim at the tribunal to enforce your employment rights, you have to pay a fee to do so, unless you qualify for remission. 
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You can be unfairly dismissed in a number of ways, including by being made redundant or by being forced to resign which could be constructive dismissal. Unfair dismissal cannot be claimed by everyone as there are certain qualifying criteria that must be met.
To be able to claim unfair dismissal you must: 
  • Be an employee, as opposed to being an agency worker or being self employed
  • Have 12 months’ continuous service, or 24 months’ continuous service if your employment started on or after 6th April 2012
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If you enter a public place e.g. a supermarket, pub, nightclub etc, the occupiers of that building have a duty of care to ensure that the public are safe whilst on their property. This includes ensuring that the building and its fixtures and fittings are in a good state of repair; a good housekeeping regime; mopping up spoils; providing clear walkways etc. There are a number of factors which are taken into account to establish 'what is reasonable'.
Points to remember
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If you have been in an accident at work and are looking to get the compensation you deserve, Simpsons Solicitors Accident at Work Solicitors Liverpool can help.  

You should follow these guidelines on what to do if you have suffered an accident at work:

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When you have had an accident, you need to be sure that you can get the best possible professional legal help and Simpsons will provide that help.

We have a team of expert personal injury lawyers with years of experience in successfully recovering compensation for the victims of:

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Asbestos dust is responsible for more deaths than any other work-related cause.  
It is important to register your exposure to Asbestos as it can take years for the symptoms to surface.
Claims for compensation can be brought against employers or occupiers of buildings many years after the exposure.  But the passage of time can make it very difficult to prove who was responsible for the exposure.  
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If you have worked with vibrating tools such as grinders, pneumatic drills, rock drills, vibrating (whacker) plates, stihl saws and chain saws, you could have suffered injury to your hands or arms.  Workers known to be at risk are those in industries like:
  • Metal fabrication
  • Road digging
  • Gardening
If you:
  • Suffer from numbness, tingling or blanching of your fingers, and
  • You have regularly used vibratory tools during your work, and
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Asthma is a condition of the lungs that occurs within the general population regardless of the work done by the sufferer.  It can also be caused by exposure to irritants or allergens within the work place. 
Occupation asthma may be:
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Our hearing deteriorates as we age.  But, if you have worked in noisy environments in the past, your hearing could have been damaged by noise.  
Workers known to be at risk are those in heavy industry like:
  • Manufacturing
  • Metal work
  • Stone cutting
  • Road digging
If you:
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Asbestos dust is responsible for more deaths than any other work-related cause.
Every year nearly 4,000 people die as a result of exposure to asbestos fibres and this death toll is expected to continue.
Asbestos was once described as a ‘miracle mineral’. It was cheap and easy to use and was used in almost every industry from ships, power stations, factories, hospitals, schools, and to our homes. It was used in boilers, brake linings and for many other industrial and domestic purposes.
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Repetitive work that puts a strain on certain parts of the body may cause injury especially to the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and back. Work related upper limb disorder or repetitive strain injury are umbrella terms that cover a number of different medical conditions. 
The medical conditions that can be caused by repetitive stressful work include:
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • De Quervains syndrome
  • Epidondylitis
  • Peri-tendinitis
  • Tennis Elbow
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An occupational illness is a medical condition caused by work you are doing, or have done in the past. 
It may be caused by your work activities, or something you have worked with such as asbestos or chemicals.
Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with medical conditions caused by their work.  
Exposure to dust, fumes, noise and vibration can all cause long-term health problems, including:
  • Asbestos related illnesses


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I’d like to thank Simpsons Solicitors very much for their help in gaining a successful outcome to my case.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, for dealing with this matter so swiftly and effectively…I can now close that chapter in my life and move on.
Very good. Simpsons were clear in their advice, set out what was happening well and made sure I knew what was going on at every step of the claim. Honest advice given by your representative. Thank you.
Simpsons Solicitors were extremely helpful in every way, patient, listening to my concerns and questions. I felt that the advice provided was very knowledgeable and made me feel less stressed. Many thanks for all their assistance and sound advice leading to an agreeable conclusion.
Top Quality service which achieved the desired outcome and result. A job well done.
Professional and Personal. Kept informed at each stage and followed up by correspondence which was appreciated and beneficial.
If ever I was in the unfortunate position of having to employ solicitors you would definitely be my first choice
Been treated very well all the way through. Very pleased with the service. 5*
I would like to thank all at Simpsons Solicitors for the very competent and professional way in which my claim was handled
I would just like to say that I am very pleased with the service that your firm provided to me, and also the speed of the final outcome. I cannot thank you enough. *1st Class Service*
The service I received was absolutely first class, from beginning to end and it is really difficult to see how it can be improved.